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SPORTEX company has been working in the markets of Ukraine, Russia and Europe for over 20 years.

Our production is well known and has been appreciated at its true value for reliability, simplicity and convenience in exploitation.

Our slogan, “The highest possible quality!”, is supported by application of high technologies, design calculation, conscientious attitude to work and use of the most qualitative materials and accessories.


The HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS: SPORTEX boats are designed according to requirements of ICO 6185 International Standard and are made under the supervision of the Navigation Register of Ukraine.

Quality of our boats is confirmed by the European certificates CE which have been given out by iYACHT GmbH, BUREAU VERITAS and INGENIEURBÜRO CAPT. MÜLLER.

THE RIGID CONTROL: Each boat before getting to the consumer goes through careful survey and is tested for strength in the Technical Control Department. CE

SAFETY: To provide the safety of boat exploitation in case of hull damage, according to requirements of ISO 6185 standard, cylinders of SPORTEX boats are divided into several tight compartments.

The BEST MATERIALS: In manufacturing of boats we use the best materials such as «PRO AQUA», «BOATEX», «HEYTEX» and «VALMEX» which are synthetic basis (polyester) fabrics with multilayered polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) cover. The fabric basis provides high durability of fabric itself, and PVC-LAYERS guarantee air impermeability and protection against harmful external influences (UV-radiation, salty water, fuel, lubricants and so forth). Plasticizers do the material very elastic that is important in assembling and disassembling of boats, especially at low temperatures.

RELIABILITY: Seams of boats are glued by the connection method of “Overlapping”, pasting them with the basic material tapes from both of their sides. For pasting, the glue on polyurethane basis is used that gives the effect of “cold welding”, entering chemical contact to a material of stuck together surfaces. Application of such technology provides the absolute tightness, high durability and reliability of connection.

SIMPLICITY of USE: You can disassemble and assemble SPORTEX boat for several minutes and then launch it in any convenient place. On all boats with rigid decks, sections are framed on perimeter by duralumin profile what provides easy assembling/disassembling and high rigidity of the construction.

COMPACTNESS: The majority of models are assembled into the bag and are easily placed in the car trunk. The important advantage is simplicity of storage. In the assembled condition the boat will not occupy a lot of place in your garage or apartment.

CONVENIENCE of PORTABILITY: All SPORTEX boats are equipped with convenient handles what allows to transfer them both in assembled and in disassembled state.

UNIVERSALITY: All rowing models can be equipped with demountable transom for the small engine. All flat-decked motor boats with slatted decks can also be equipped with inflatable keelson that considerably improves their floating ability and increases their rigidity in the water (see “SHELF”).

WIDE range of MODELS will allow you to choose the most corresponding to your requirements boat. Taking into account the PRICE/QUALITY indicator it will be difficult to you   to find something better - only SPORTEX.

GUARANTEE CERTIFICATES: Modern "know-how" and qualitative materials allow us to give 3 year guarantee on tightness of seams and integrity of a material to the buyer.

If you are a fisherman, a hunter, an adventurer or simply a water-rest lover, SPORTEX boats are for you.